Our fleet consists of 12 technologically advanced vehicles equipped with EUR6 engines, which provide lower maintenance costs and give us a competitive advantage. We carry out and organize transports throughout Europe, and offer several types of transportation:

Prevozi kontejnerjev

Transport of containers (special cargo transport).

20, 40, 45 FIT

Prevozi s ponjavo

Transport with tarpaulin trucks.

Mega: volume 24 – 25 m3, 100 m3, dimension 13,60 m x 2,97 m

Standard: volume 24 – 25 m3, 83 – 90 m3, dimension 13,60 x 2,50 – 2,80 m

ADR prevozi

ADR transport.

Kiper prevozi

Tipper truck transport.

We are aware that it is necessary to ensure a high level of quality, have competitive prices, respect the agreed transport deadlines, and ensure a comprehensive service in order to successfully compete on domestic, European and global markets. All this can only be achieved with modern, equipped trucks and motivated employees.